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Neighbourhood Plan for Dilton Marsh

The next meeting of the Steering Group has been scheduled for 31/10/2019, please note that this is an amendment to the date listed in the draft September minutes.
The group is going to have a display at the Big Breakfast on 7th December 2019 (at the Memorial Hall). Please do try and attend!

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group - Contact list

Rebecca Durham - Chair
Sophie O'Neill - clerk
Sue Woodhouse
Jane Cryer
Martin Cole
Pablo Hernando
Pauline Medhurst
David Newell
Councillor Mark Roberts
Group email is [email protected]

Electoral Review of Wiltshire Council and Community Governance Reviews

The Parish Council has been informed that following submissions to the Boundary Commission the parish of Dilton Marsh will remain in the Ethandune ward.
The Parish Council is extremely pleased with this outcome.

The relevant extract from the Boundary Commission report is copied below:

207 When we visited the area, we did not consider that Dilton Marsh parish sits well in the Ethandune division. We noted that the parish, and Dilton Marsh Village in particular, has no direct connection to the remainder of Ethandune division but has direct connections with and proximity to the Westbury Leigh area. We therefore proposed to include Dilton Marsh parish in a division with the western parts of Westbury.

208 In order to provide electoral equality, we proposed to include that part of Westbury which lies immediately to the south of Heywood parish in Ethandune division.

209 Our draft recommendations attracted opposition from Wiltshire Council, Dilton Marsh, Bratton and Heywood Parish Councils, individual councillors and around 40 residents of Dilton Marsh. All argued that the rural nature of Dilton Marsh should be reflected in a division comprised entirely of rural parishes and that the parish shares no community identity with Westbury. They further argued that a consequential inclusion of part of Westbury Town in Ethandune division would detract from the focus on rural matters in the division.

210 We are persuaded by the evidence we have received to modify our draft recommendations and our final recommendation is that Dilton Marsh parish be included in Ethandune division.

Council Meetings


The agenda for the October meeting of the Parish Council has now been published (see Agenda folder).
The meeting starts at 7.30 pm and all are welcome to attend.

Planning Applications

Planning Applications and Decisions September 2019

There were no planning applications to be considered.

Planning Decisions

19/06495/FUL Land Between 8 And 10 St Marys Lane Dilton Marsh Westbury Wiltshire BA13
4BL Proposed Erection of a Double Garage on Residential Land, to Serve the New Dwelling Consented Under Application ref: 19/03045/FUL - Approve with conditions

APP/Y3940/W/19/3223582 4 Vicarage Gardens, Dilton Marsh, BA13 4FB Retrospective change of use of land from agricultural to domestic garden, including erection of garden shed and play climbing frame and zip wire and frames - Appeal dismissed

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